About Luis Martínez

Luis Martinez Profile

I am a web developer with a passion for creating beautiful, accessible and functional digital experiences. I have a background in science and IT project management, and my diverse skillset allows me to bring a unique perspective to web development.

My favorite tech stack

My go-to technologies include React, NextJS, Typescript, Vite, tailwindCSS, and Mantine.dev. I've found these tools to be highly versatile, reliable, and suited to the various projects I undertake.


  • React, VueJS
  • NextJS, NuxtJS
  • Firebase
  • Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 4, Vue Bootstrap, SCSS, PostCSS
  • NodeJS/Express, Serverless, AWS
  • Google Sheets, Google Apps Script


I'm currently enjoying my remote work at Toptal, where I contribute as a freelance frontend developer and consultant. My role allows me to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, each presenting unique challenges and learning opportunities.

Current location

Roses, Spain

Before coding

I started coding at age 34, before that I was doing other things that now feel like past lives.


When I'm not coding, I go to the gym, exercise, and try to stay fit and healthy.