Name: Luis Martinez Suarez

Frontend developer since 2019

  • The tech stack I feel at home with: React, NextJS, Firebase, Tailwind CSS,, Storyblok (headless CMS)

  • My strengths:

    • Create component-based, SEO-friendly and accessible user interfaces
    • Turn designs into code
    • Craft clean, reusable, maintainable and well-documented code
  • Some projects I've worked on:

    • Internal platform and conferences platform for passionate people: Migrate Nuxt code to a more modern standard (composition API). Extend frontend and backend with new features.
    • Build Nuxt component library that powers campaign pages, with content managed from Storyblok CMS. Making it easy to create new pages without help of the dev team.
    • Build Single page applications (like admin dashboards) powered by Vue 3
  • Other tools I've used: Redux Toolkit, Storybook, Bootstrap CSS, PostCSS, NodeJS, Google Apps Script / Google Sheets scripts, testing frameworks (vitest, jest, testcafe, React testing library)

Contact: luismartinezwebdev (at) gmail (dot) com


Twitter: LuisMartinezSu2

Work experience

Freelance Frontend Developer and Consultant @ Toptal


  • Improve the Web Accessibility up to WCAG 2.1 standards of a large-scale web app
    • Tech: React, Jest, React Testing Library, Eslint

Frontend Developer @ Passionate People

Amsterdam. Oct/2021-Jun/2022

  • Maintain Nuxt internal platform

    • Tech: Nuxt 2 + composition API, tailwind CSS, Storybook
    • Migrate options API components to composition API (newer, better style)
    • Refactor and extend existing features, increasing reusability and code readability
    • Add a new page that shows a dynamic list of data from the database
  • Maintain Nuxt conference platform

    • Tech: Nuxt 2 + composition API, tailwind CSS, storyblok CMS
    • Manual testing of user flows, finding bugs, adding small features to the UI, preparing platform for live conference
    • Help re-architect project to increase its maintainability, creating development and staging environments
  • Maintain backend platform with serverless infrastructure

    • Tech: NodeJS, Sanity client,
    • Manual testing of existing endpoints
    • Creation of new endpoints for reading and editing data from the database

Frontend Developer @ Jobsrepublic

Amsterdam. Feb/2019-Oct/2021

  • Development of a Nuxt component library to use in conjunction with Storyblok CMS. PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.

  • Development of a Nuxt website: One code base, multiple sites. Deployment in AWS using internally established deployment guidelines. Certificate manager, route 53, EC2 load balancers and target groups, ECS

  • Development of a SPA with Vue: Vuex, Vue router, vertical slice architecture, testcafe end to end tests, coding best practices, refactoring, Vue Bootstrap, responsive layout, auth0, i18n

  • Update legacy code to modern standards (Vue SPA)

  • Development of integrations to optimize internal tasks: Google Apps script, SendGrid, trello, zapier, lambda functions, serverless

Project and Accounts Manager @ Vsourz Digital Agency

Barcelona. 2015-2018

Project manager of website design and development

Bridge between customer and development team

Determine project specifications (timings, pricing, production planning)

Product Designer

Entrepreneurial activity. 2015-2018

Creation of a print card game financed launching a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Product idea and design

Creation of artistic assets

Business planning and strategy


Doctorate (PhD) in Computational Chemistry, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, 2009-2014

Scientific research in the area of Computational Chemistry.

Publication of 3 scientific works in scientific journals.

Technical skills

Feel confident with

React, NextJS, HTML5, CCS3, JS ES6, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind CSS,, Accessibility, Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, VSCode, Vue ecosystem, Nuxt

Know something about

NodeJS, serverless, postgreSQL / MySQL, Redis, Docker, AWS (ECS, EC2, Route 53), CI/CD, bash scripting, technical SEO, UX/UI design, PWA, PostCSS, Google Apps script, OpenAI, Solidity / Ethereum, Blockchain


After my Doctorate (PhD) in Computational Chemistry, I felt unsatisfied and wanted a career change. Working as Project Manager in IT, I took a liking to this sector and now my professional goal is to build my career as a web developer.


  • English: Excellent
  • Spanish: Native


Joy in learning and keeping up to date with state of the art technologies

Personal projects done for fun:,


Birthday: 13-August-1984


Tailwind CSS is the best CSS framework ever. Change my mind.