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AI Cook Screenshot

AI Cook

AI Cook is an app that provides AI-generated food recipes tailored to available ingredients, kitchen tools, and dietary preferences, its aim is to trivialize mundane meal planning.

Built with Next.js and the T3 stack, AI Cook demonstrates the power of modern web development frameworks and technologies in creating a seamless experience, as well, it showcases the potential of AI in everyday tasks.

Weather Wardrobe Wizard Screenshot

Weather Wardrobe Wizard

Weather forecasts and clothing suggestions based on user selected location. Built with NextJS/React, this PWA features a mobile-friendly UI and real-time data from the Open Weather API. The app supports multi-language, Stripe payments and Firebase for real-time updates, AI-enriched user experience and real-time error tracking with Sentry.

Rotations Project Screenshot

Rotations React Web App

A web app built with React, Firebase, TailwindCSS, and Mantine.dev and bootstrapped from my React starter template.

The server state was handled with React-Query, and the global client state was conducted with Redux Toolkit.

It allows the user to schedule habits. For example, the user may create a routine titled "water the plants" with a recurrence of one day.

Athlean-X Home Workout App Screenshot

AthleanX Home Workout App

Personal project.

A progressive web application for mobile devices that helps with workouts at home. The app is a static single-page application developed with Vue 2 that behaves like a native mobile app.

I designed and created the UI from scratch using Figma and Tailwind CSS.